It's Not Rocket Science!
As seen on Bleeding Cool News!
by George Peter Gatsis
2011 - 12 - 29
To become an APP DEVELOPER with Apple:
  • Get a credit card.
  • Get a Paypal account.
  • Get a tax number.
  • Get an ISBN numnber.
  • Sign a contract with Apple.
  • Attach a bank account with Apple.
    ( recommend to have a separate bank account for this )

Yep, by this point... you have to take it more seriously than just a hobby.

  • Download Apples developer tools to your computer
  • Watch the video overviews and beginner lessons... There are lots of them!
  • Review the Apple developer forums for pitfalls, for first time developers... Ask your question... You'll get the answer from anyone of the thousands of developers from all over the world.
  • Download and inject the Apple Provisional, Developer and Distribution Certificates onto your Apple Computer
  • Start building your App.
  1. Getting my comic onto the AppStore.
  2. To become an APP DEVELOPER with Apple:
  3. Get an ISBN number:
  4. What is an ePUB?
  5. BUT do you need the AppStore?
  6. Thoughts behind this passing of knowledge.
  7. If all this is still rocket science to you...
    How about this to get the New Year started off
  8. Wait a minute... Who the heck is George Peter Gatsis?