It's Not Rocket Science!
As seen on Bleeding Cool News!
by George Peter Gatsis
2011 - 12 - 29
What is an ePUB?

Here are quick google links I've used to help out many (non-comic book) clients. And when I mean help out... I literally said to everyone of them... "save your money and do a little reading."

AND the DROPDEAD simple way to go... if you are on a Mac or iPad...

Basically an ePub is a ZIP document that has images placed into simple mulitple letter sized html documents with hyperlinks. ONCE you zip compress the directory, change the ".ZIP" extension to ".ePub" it then becomes an ePub document which can be read on any device that reads the ePub format... which I think is all of them.

WAIT WHAT!!? HOLEY SMOKES! That's b0tsh$t insane. It can't be that easy!

Yes it can... but take your time, do a little reading and play a little with all the wonderful options available to you through the starter links.

Including this link:

  1. Getting my comic onto the AppStore.
  2. To become an APP DEVELOPER with Apple:
  3. Get an ISBN number:
  4. What is an ePUB?
  5. BUT do you need the AppStore?
  6. Thoughts behind this passing of knowledge.
  7. If all this is still rocket science to you...
    How about this to get the New Year started off
  8. Wait a minute... Who the heck is George Peter Gatsis?