It's Not Rocket Science!
As seen on Bleeding Cool News!
by George Peter Gatsis
2011 - 12 - 29
BUT do you need the AppStore?

If you want to venture on your own, you can try:

1) Create your digital comic book... show some samples and offer to email the PDF, CBR, CBZ or ePUB formatted comic by email... once you receive the Paypal payment.

  • CBR and CBZ file formats are just ZIP compressed folders that hold a numbered JPG sequence of pages... for which you change the ".ZIP" extension to CBR or CBZ.

2) Offer your book for free online and offer a soft cover or hardcover signed printed copy mailed to the customer... once you receive the Paypal payment.

3) Make a physical copy of your book ( example Apple's Book Service: ) and show it off, get orders for print and digital... you know the rest.

4) Set up a store on eBay to offer your comic books.

These are some ideas... You could possibly come up with more interesting ways on your own.

  1. Getting my comic onto the AppStore.
  2. To become an APP DEVELOPER with Apple:
  3. Get an ISBN number:
  4. What is an ePUB?
  5. BUT do you need the AppStore?
  6. Thoughts behind this passing of knowledge.
  7. If all this is still rocket science to you...
    How about this to get the New Year started off
  8. Wait a minute... Who the heck is George Peter Gatsis?